Hello, and welcome to Hey Gal Hey. Brew yourself some tea, grab yourself a blanket and get comfy. I have a feeling we're going to be friends. 



First thing's first: Hi! I'm Maddy. I've been inspired by writing and by storytelling for as long as I can remember. Storytelling in music, storytelling on the page, and best of all, storytelling with girlfriends. Connecting over coffee or going for a walk. Eating ice cream with your best friend in the car while laughing over some terrible Tinder date. Sharing a bottle of Trader Joe's wine and catching up after months spent apart, feeling as if no time has passed at all. By vocalizing our experiences, we become that much stronger as women and as badasses. After all, we're sisters. We're kindred spirits. And of course, we're gals. 

My spitfire grandma Eunice has called me "gal" for most of my life. While I used to think nothing of it, I've recently come to love that term. Gal. It's casual, but friendly. It's sassy, but respectful. It's playful, but heartfelt. When I say hi to any of the babes in my life these days, whether it's by text or by verbal greeting, chances are high that I'm saying, "Hey Gal!" 

The heartbeat of Hey Gal Hey is to inspire one another, cheer each other on, and hopefully chuckle quite a bit in the process. There are too many things in this world that try and divide us: this blog is a space to come together. So as you peruse and sip your Oolong or coffee with cream, I want to take a second to thank you and say, "Hey Gal. You're awesome, and you can conquer anything." Let's be better together. Sound good?